Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

About Us

 Promotional Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is the subsidiary of Rekha Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd. It is the manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of all kinds of handicrafts, promotional and complementary gift items.

 As business organizations believe in crucial role of brand awareness, brand image, customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty for strong market position, Promotional Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. focuses on effective and efficient promotional activities for achieving them. In this dynamic and competitive market place, where modern marketing concept is replacing traditional concept, promotional activities not only recognize but also remember business organization in long period of time. Moreover,  Promotional Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. believer that corporate and promotional gift item is one of the best solutions for promoting business entity.

Promotional Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. therefore focuses on reliable services through the production and distribution of various kinds of corporate gift items such as key rings, pen and pen set print, pen holders, T- shirts, visiting card holders, wrist watches, wall/ table clocks, wall and table calendars, mementos, trophy, medals, table top items, digital hoarding boards, stickers print, gift packs, novelty items, and so on.

Promotional Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. has manufacturing plants at Sindhupalchok and Jorpati, Kathmandu where it produces products as per customer's need and requirement. Furthermore, it has contact office at Chabhil, Ganeshthan where 70 employees have been providing better customer service.