Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

Company History

Our pride in Nepalese natural and cultural resources introduced an organization with an objective of providing cultural temples, statues, attractive frames in Nepalese and Foreign market. Rekha Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd. started its operation since 2065 BS. From its initial phase, Rekha Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd. is producing and distributing various products to gift shops, photo studio, frame shops, gold shops, school, colleges, Mahayagya, Mahostsab, Swarna Jyanti, Samman programs and so on. Rekha Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to explore, utilize and preserve typical Nepalese craft skills, historical arts and to provide employment opportunities to predominantly underprivileged group. The competitive business environment, where promotion is being most essential factor, encouraged Rekha Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd. to extend its brand. Thus, Promotional Gift Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. was introduced as an organization that aims to play an supportive role in promoting business entities.